Unlocking Monthly Membership Potential for the Self-Serve Car Wash

CryptoPay and EverWash partner to create a Monthly Membership program for Self-Serve Car Washes

Jan 15, 2021 — EverWash, the industry’s leading membership provider, and CryptoPay, a leader in unattended payments for self-service car wash locations, are working together to bring monthly programs with comprehensive member management and marketing services to unattended car washes across the country.

“We’ve been working with EverWash for the last several years in offering a membership solution primarily to sites with an in-bay automatic. We believe it’s time to expand this offer to self-serve sites as well,” said Dave Richards, Vice President of CryptoPay. “This will allow self-serve sites to compete with other washes in their area that offer membership to customers.”

CryptoPay’s Swiper technology works with EverWash’s cloud system to offer easy membership solutions at unmanned IBA and Self-Serve car wash locations.

This partnership represents an opportunity for self-serve car washes to quickly and easily launch revenue generating membership programs with no startup costs. EverWash and CryptoPay will leverage existing technologies at CryptoPay equipped locations to allow for turnkey membership solutions managed by EverWash mobile app users.

“We have hundreds of partners with tunnel and in-bay automatic washes. Now, in partnership with CryptoPay, we are moving to become the membership leader in the self-serve space as well,” said Scott Pashley, Chief Revenue Officer of EverWash “We are excited to give self serve washes the same opportunities tunnels and IBAs have to launch a lucrative membership program with no upfront investment and no ongoing fees.”

Current CryptoPay self-service customers can get started with EverWash right away. Self-service car wash operators looking to get started can also reach out to EverWash directly for a free consultation, and get started on a path to generating more recurring revenue from their customers than before.

Click below to get started with EverWash at your Self-Serve Car Wash today!

About CryptoPay

CryptoPay supplies point of sale solutions to the unattended cleaning solution environments, including the car wash and laundry industries. Founded in 2001 with a goal in mind to keep transactions secure, the process is cost-effective, and simple to use and install. We offer solutions that pay for themselves. Combined tickets reduce credit card fees and credit card use is proven to increase purchase and final ticket expenditure. We make it easy for your clientele. With easy to understand and visual queuing graphics, we make the payment process as simple as possible. For more information visit GetCryptoPay.com

About EverWash

EverWash is the industry’s fastest growing car wash network, approaching more than 500 participating locations across the country. EverWash’s team of membership experts provide ongoing sales, marketing and customer support to partner washes, while the EverWash App gives customers the ability to sign-up for and manage their membership anytime and anywhere. Learn more by visiting EverWash.com or MoreWashProfits.com.