Weatherproofed with Recurring Revenue

Russ Picard is the operator of Executive Auto Wash in Woonsocket, RI. Russ has been an EverWash Wash Partner since February 2018.


Car Washing has been my family trade since ’86, but when I took over for my father in ’99 I knew I wanted to implement some new ideas. In addition to developing our brand by increasing our use of inviting colors and advertising, we added membership to our location in ’10. We were hoping membership would help grow the revenue and wash count of our business.

We decided to run membership on our own, installed an RFID system, and signed up 250 members before things began to fall apart. Eventually, we got to a point where we had a few members, but it wasn’t a program that was cost-effective enough to maintain. Our business was trending down in general — we only washed 20,000 cars in 2017.

With how things were going at the time, I couldn’t justify the cost of a new POS system to help me run my membership program when I had no guarantee it would actually help turn things around. I was feeling pretty lost until I found an EverWash ad in a magazine and called. That’s when I met Frank Brigidi and began learning what a successful membership program looks like and requires.

Frank worked hard for me to get my wash set up for success. He guided me through the EverWash App, explained the simplicity of membership and provided strategies to help keep my employees focused on selling. EverWash’s sales, marketing and member support team promised to take care of the heavy lifting that had kept me from running a successful program on my own. Best of all, since EverWash has a commission-based model, I only paid on the new, additional revenue I generated from my membership program.


That was back in ’17. Three years later, and EverWash has made good on their promise, and then some! I no longer have to chase down customers for credit card information or payments, I’m not emailing people to update their billing information. I’ve let EverWash take the lead with my membership program and my numbers are up across the board: My subscriptions are up 120% from last year, and my individual car washing count is up 16% — I washed 37,000 cars in 2019. Overall, I saw a 33% increase in my total revenue. So much of that is thanks to the time and effort Frank put into getting me me set up, and the continued support the rest of the EverWash team provides.

I appreciate knowing that my business is weatherproofed with recurring revenue — no matter if I’m open for 30 days or 13 days in a month, you always have money coming in even on your bad weather days. Again, I brought in $133,000 in total membership revenue memberships last year, and am shooting for $175,000 this year. How could you say no to the opportunity for more money with less work? 

EverWash — whether it’s the platform itself, or the people they have here supporting me — is the best thing I could have done for my wash. They are truly my business partner. Everything they bring to the table is well thought out, and I feel very comfortable saying that I’m an EverWash partner.

– Russ Picard, Operator of Executive Auto Wash