Here’s the Bottom Line… EverWash is Working!

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KC Fordham is the operator of KC’s Car Wash in Philadelphia, PA. KC has been an EverWash Wash Partner since August 2016.

One of the toughest decisions I have made since entering the car wash business was whether to go with the monthly membership strategy or not. I own one car wash and it is my only source of income. Cannibalizing or dramatically affecting my business in a negative way was my biggest fear.  I kept asking myself one question: Why would I change what I am doing when I am already making a good living? I have bills to pay.


Well, I took the leap of faith, and have been on the EverWash Platform for just over a year now. Today, I have more than 800 members and I am really starting to see results financially. I have charted each day of business since purchasing the car wash and my revenues are going up consistently each month with added membership. 

Higher revenues only begin to tell the story, though. There have been so many other benefits so I am going to list the ones that have affected my life the most. 

 Tips: We are going to do 20,000 more washes this year than the year before starting the program. My guys are now going home with between $40 and $50 a day in tips. This is twice their previous daily average. They are making much more money. This has helped to solve my biggest headache, which is “hiring and firing.” My team has stabilized and there is much less turnover. Everyone is happier.

– “Feed the Tunnel”: I no longer worry about up-selling customers for tire shine, hot wax, etc. I’m now playing the volume game. All we do at my wash now is feed the tunnel and the revenues are there.

– Advertising: The only advertising I do now is advertising related to signage for memberships. I don’t worry about corporate accounts, such as local schools, churches, police accounts. I don’t do mailers or run local ads anymore. We focus on membership. It has completely streamlined my focus and the way I do business.

– Cash Flow: I no longer worry (as much) about bad weather days. I know I’m getting a healthy and steadily growing check from EverWash each and every month, which eliminates any cash flow issues I may have had in the past. 

I agreed to give this feedback to EverWash because they have changed my life. You’re probably saying this guy is full of sh**. How have they changed my life, you might ask? It is now my opinion that memberships are the only way to go in this business. I am about to settle on a second wash location in the next 45 days, and the first thing I am going to do is have EverWash design my signs and put the new wash on their platform.

– KC Fordham, Operator of KC’s Car Wash