Feeling Great About Our Future With EverWash

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I’ll admit it right off the bat: Three years ago, my husband and I made a mistake. As the operators of four car washes in Ohio, we were looking for ways to start a membership program and grow our business.

We met Frank Brigidi from EverWash and took a dive into how their professionally set-up program could work for us. I’ll admit, we were on the fence: We were unsure about their commission-based model, and thought that we would be better off managing our membership program ourselves.

So we did just that, and decided to do membership ourselves with a POS, and run things from there. This decision ended up being the mistake as I mentioned at the start of this letter.

Our program was very slow going, and we didn’t gain many members. Across the board, we had 200 members across three locations, and weren’t able to add membership at our fourth location due to technology issues. After a few months, customers still weren’t signing up and we became discouraged. What was the point of creating a membership program if we didn’t know all the strategies to sign up and get new members?

We still wanted a membership program, we just wanted it to be successful. So we reached back out to Frank, and made the switch to EverWash. He had a clear plan and expectation for what we could achieve with our program. He planned out our strategies and made things super simple on how we would carry them out, right down to placement of signs.

We took his advice, did everything he said we should do, and went through all the steps to set up our program effectively. Low and behold, here we are today. More than 2,100 members in, we’re feeling great about the future!

Although a great deal went into setting it up, EverWash made it easy for us to bring membership to all four locations, allowing us to incorporate our self-serve and automatic wash location to our membership program without additional cost and new paystations. We were even able to network our locations together and give our customers maximum flexibility. Thanks to EverWash’s technology, we were also able to add free vacuums to our membership program without needing additional equipment.

Looking forward, we recently invested almost $200,000 into our flagship location, with new equipment, conveyors, doors, windows, and more. We wouldn’t be doing these renovations and improvements to our businesses if not for EverWash’s expertise in setting up washes like us for success!

– Jessica & Josiah Dean, Operators of Dean’s Car Washes