Setting Your Car Wash Up For Success With EverWash

EverWash provides wash operators with a membership sales and subscription management platform that can increase car wash revenues significantly and efficiently. With EverWash team members aiding our wash partners in the realms of sales, marketing and customer service, we make membership easy while taking care of all the heavy lifting for our partners.

EverWash also provides consultation and training to our wash partners to ensure success at any wash. In fact, we recently brought on a new team member to focus specifically on these very important areas. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Richard DeGennaro, EverWash’s Implementation Team Manager.

Richard has been in the car wash industry for 35 years as a car wash owner, site manager, and soap & equipment sales. Most recently, Richard spent eight years as the Operations Manager at a chain of car washes in Virginia that put a focus on selling memberships. We’re excited to bring him onto our team and introduce him to you.

What is Richard’s role at EverWash?

Richard was brought on to train our wash partners on how to successfully grow membership through employee & site evaluations, and product knowledge. Through digital meetings and onsite implementations, Richard uses his expert knowledge to evaluate a wash operation from top to bottom, and provide feedback on how washes can achieve quick wins, in addition to larger, long-term membership growth.

“At Rio Car Wash, we had to change our mentality — essentially our entire business plan. We made a decision that we are no longer in the business of selling car washes, but rather in the business of selling memberships,” DeGennaro says. “This is a scary concept for some operators, since they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. While it may seem dark in the beginning, there’s lots of potential revenue waiting for you on the other side.”

How can Richard make a difference at your wash?

After setting up a meeting and site evaluation, Richard looks at every facet of your wash and provides detailed notes on how to solve issues, implement efficiencies, and ultimately grow your revenues. These notes range from aesthetic to operational.

“You’re selling clean, so you need to present clean at all times,” DeGennaro says. “Excessive weeds, a fresh coat of paint, weathered signage — All these things can add up and create a negative experience for customers, but are relatively easy to address.”

He also provides washes with an employee training manual that outlines sales tactics, EverWash app troubleshooting, and a complete breakdown of your wash’s chemical and cleaning process.

“Knowledge is power, and this holds especially true for anyone you trust to sell membership, or any service, at your wash,” DeGennaro adds. “We want to ensure that your staff is armed to the tooth with the knowledge they need to be successful.”

How can you connect with Richard?

Visit our website to get more information on EverWash, and set up a call with our team today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about membership and how our platform can help grow your business.

EverWash is also hosting a webinar with our friends at Zep Vehicle Care on Wednesday, August 5th at 1PM eastern. Richard will be on hand to discuss how to set up your car wash for successes, especially during these unprecedented and uncertain times. Register here and receive Richard’s “Questions To Ask Yourself When Setting Up Your Unlimited Program”checklist!