Power Up With Loyalty Programs: EverWash Featured in PC&D’s July 2018 Issue

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EverWash was featured in Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s July 2018 Issue, with CEO John Cassady being quoted in Rich DePaolo’s article titled “Power Up With Loyalty Programs”. You can read John’s quotes and thoughts below, or click here to read to entire article.

In the article, John shares some of the best practices a car wash operator should take into account implementing and using membership.

John explained that consumers now operate and live in a “subscription-based” era where customers are ordering everything from dog food to makeup on a recurring basis. And, in this era of consumer convenience, the emergence of apps is omnipresent.

“Smartphones are replacing laptops, and apps continue to gain a huge share in the marketplace,” asserts Cassady. “If customers can’t purchase or learn about your services through a robust app, your business is going to be left behind.”

– John Cassady, EverWash CEO

He also notes that, in addition to social media and signage, advanced platforms are also using other forms of electronic customer outreach tactics to tap into new members and current customers.

“A properly implemented and managed membership program will have the proper communications tools, such as email, text messaging and push notification campaigns — all designed to keep customers connected to your carwash,” notes Cassady, adding that these channels also prompt user feedback, which is vital to the success of your program.

– John Cassady, EverWash CEO

John points to the importance of a well trained sales staff that properly educate and pitch customers on the benefits of a membership program.

“The average carwash customer will wash his or her car less than one time per month and might only wash four or five times per year, which makes up a larger percentage of the overall customer base than many operators even realize,” explains Cassady. “The education starts at the wash with your greeters, cashier and service attendants. All of these employees must be properly trained on being able to show each customer there’s a more cost effective way to keep your car clean throughout the year — and that’s with membership.”

– John Cassady, EverWash CEO

Lastly, John reflected on his 25 years in the gym and fitness industry to provide insight on what car washes can learn from fitness clubs across the country, including encouraging frequent use and promoting a strong referral program.

Cassady believes heavy users should be cherished, not feared. “In the carwash industry, they’re called abusers; in the gym industry, they’re called gym rats. We love our gym rats,” he professes. “They’ll never go to another gym, and they’re going to refer a lot of friends and families — they’re our best customers. That same dynamic exists in the carwash industry.”

– John Cassady, EverWash CEO

He added that:

“In the gym industry, 50 to 70 percent of all new members come from referrals. In the carwash industry, maybe one percent is coming from referrals.” Leading vendors in this industry are working to grow this percentage by making the referral process easier and more appealing for current members, such as through incentives and discounts for referring a friend or family member.

– John Cassady, EverWash CEO