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This article originally appeared in the February 2018 Issue of Kleen-Scene Magazine.

EverWash App Gives Car Wash Customers an Easy, Robust Membership Experience

It’s 10AM on a crisp Friday morning in December and the line outside of Finish Line Wash & Lube in Mount Holly, NJ is already getting long. The sun is shining, and the sky is clear — it’s a perfect day for a car wash. But long lines like this are not unusual at Finish Line, one of South Jersey’s top washes.

“When we bought Finish Line, our 4th wash, about 8 months ago, the lines here were average at best,” Finish Line manager Lisette M. says. “So we focused our time and energy on one thing and one thing only: increasing wash volume and revenue. Since nothing in the industry has the potential to increase wash volume and revenue more than a well-run monthly membership plan, we thoroughly researched the market for the best membership program. We came to the conclusion that EverWash was the best choice for us, offering all the components we were looking for.”


EverWash is a turn-key monthly membership platform and mobile app that handles every aspect of monthly membership for car washes: marketing to consumers, member sign-ups, customer support, signage & menu boards, and billing & collections. Currently, Finish Line has more than 600 members enrolled through the EverWash app, grossing just under $20K per month.

“EverWash is great for our car wash because it brings in a growing, steady stream of revenue each month, rain or shine,” Lisette says. “But it’s also fantastic for the customer because of how easy it is for them to sign-up and use.”

Today’s consumers rely on their smartphones to schedule and manage so many areas of their lives. EverWash’s system builds upon this with a free-to-use, app-based service that offers users a unique, easy and personalized way to find a car wash, learn about its membership options, and then easily and securely purchase an unlimited wash plan — all from the convenience of their smartphone. Customers just download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and are then able to quickly discover a better, more value-driven and convenient way to wash their car.

“The app is so simple. I just thought it was fantastic,” says Luz C., an EverWash member at Finish Line. “It’s just like Uber — you sign-up with your credit card information nce and you’re good to go. Everything is done so quickly.”

EverWash members can also manage their membership themselves through the app. They can easily and securely add cars, update payment information, upgrade their wash plan, refer friends, cancel a car, review payment history and more — all from the palm of their hand.

“I use the app all the time. I bought a membership for my girlfriend too, and she uses it several times each month. I used the refer a friend option and even saved some money too. I just moved here, so I don’t have many friends around yet. Once I meet some people, I’ll be sure to refer them too.”

– Victor R., Finish Line Wash & Lube Member

All the power that the EverWash app provides is great for the consumer, but also eliminates the pain that comes with managing customers and their accounts.

“It’s widely accepted in the car wash industry, and the data shows, that monthly members are much more profitable than the average pay-as-you-go customer,” EverWash CEO John Cassady says. “EverWash makes membership easy for wash operators by eliminating the headaches and hassle of having to manage member accounts. We handle marketing, signage, member sign-ups, customer support, billing, collections and more, while offering the service to consumers at unbeatable value.”


At Finish Line, EverWash signage and menu boards adorn the exterior and interior walls, advertising for its unlimited wash plans ranging from $19.99 to $39.99 per month. Most EverWash membership plans are priced at the cost of two pay-per-visit washes.

“The EverWash experience is tremendously easy,” says Daryl T., a Finish Line EverWash member. “You don’t need to worry about carrying money or anything, I just use the EverWash app on my phone. I use it several times a month, the value is unbelievable. I have three cars and have a membership for each one.”

“I’ve had coupons and booklets from car washes before and found that they are a nuisance to use. I always have my phone on me, even if I forget my wallet at home or don’t have my bag with me. I definitely think the app is easier.”

– Brenna B., Finish line wash & Lube member

Along with the value, EverWash members rave about how easy it is to use and manage their membership.

“The app makes things so easy,” says Lori D., a Finish Line EverWash member. “You pull up, pull out your phone, they zap it and you’re done. There’s no paying, no credit card, cash — nothing. I just wish there was a car wash closer to my house! I work 70 miles from here so my commute makes it hard to come all the time. If I know I won’t be around for a while, I’ll just go on the app and freeze my membership. After a few weeks, once I’m local again, I just open the app and restart my membership again.”

Lori, like so many consumers nowadays, subscribes to several monthly membership services, including Netflix and Pandora Radio.

“These services, like EverWash, are just so convenient,” she added. “It’s just automatic debit from my card, you don’t need to think about it. It’s just done, it’s so much easier.”

The automatic payment system also makes things easy for a car wash’s cashiers and attendants.

“I don’t live that far from here, but I do a lot of travel for work. Because I have to drive a lot, I’m getting a lot of dirt on my vehicle. A friend of mine in North Jersey was at a car wash with membership and his car was always clean, and I wanted that too. My friends isn’t all app based, so I think I have him beat now.”

– Roz C., FInish Line Wash & Lube Member

“The fact that it’s app-based makes my job easier,” says Fatimah A., Finish Line’s cashier. “Customers are never asking what their wash includes because they know what they are getting — it’s the same thing every time. Meanwhile, I don’t have to manually go into the system and hand pick what each customer is ordering. All I need to do is scan the QR code on the app and they’re good to go. Our line rarely gets backed up too much, even on our busiest days.”

“I work at another wash that doesn’t have EverWash, and it would be nice if they had the programer there too,” she added. “I think their customers would like it more too.”

The EverWash app is easy to use, but members always have backup if they encounter any problems or issues. EverWash’s dedicated customer support team takes phone calls to assist members with anything from switching credit cards to referring their friends to adding a new car.

“The process is very easy, and whenever I have had an issue, I just call up the support number — I’ve got it favorited in my phone!” says Tammy W., who has been a member at Finish Line since it started the membership program. “I call EverWash and the gentleman who answers the phone is very helpful and has always fixed any problems immediately.”

The ease, value and support provided by an EverWash membership add up to equal one thing: Happier, more loyal customers.

“Our members are really happy with the program,” Fatimah says. “Many come several times per month, so I’m seeing a lot of the same faces. You always know who has EverWash because they’re loyal customer. If they weren’t happy with our wash or the EverWash program, they wouldn’t be coming in here so often. It’s nice having customers be this loyal to our car wash.”