Join the Club: EverWash Featured In Car Wash Magazine Spring 2018 Issue

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EverWash was featured in Car Wash Magazine’s Spring 2018 Issue, with CEO John Cassady being quoted in Nick Fortuna’s article titled “Join The Club: Unlimited Wash Programs Can Pay Big Dividends for Car Washes”. You can read John’s quotes and thoughts below, or click here to read to entire article.

Regarding communicating with members, and the importance of connecting with a brand:

“You have to keep them connected to the brand,” he said. “You have to keep them aware that they have this service and keep them using it, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them on a regular basis.”

– John Cassady, EverWash CEO

For some carwash operators, the hefty investment required to purchase RFID readers and point-of-sale systems is a major reason not to launch an unlimited wash program. EverWash seeks to eliminate that burden by managing programs through a cloud-based app that customers download to their smartphones, so carwashes don’t have to purchase RFID readers or new POS systems. The app generates a unique QR code each time a customer visits, and each service attendant downloads an app to his smart device that includes a QR scanner. The service attendant simply scans the QR code on the customer’s phone when he pulls up to the wash.

To sign up, customers select their desired wash program from a list of options on a service attendant’s tablet or smart device, their credit cards are swiped, and the car wash collects their email addresses. Customers don’t have to fill out membership forms onsite. Instead, they receive an email directing them to a website where they can enter their information, such as license plate number and the make and model of the car. Customers can cancel or change their plans anytime either online or through a call center.

Cassady added that the key to a successful unlimited wash program is a full-court press to encourage signups. The company helps car washes redesign their menu boards and signage to heavily promote the program and deploys sales professionals to the car wash to train service attendants how to sell it properly.

“When the customer drives onto the lot, oftentimes they don’t even know that the car wash is selling memberships, so they’re just not displaying it properly,” he said. “And we train the wash attendants, greeters and cashiers to make sure they tell every customer about the program. They’re already used to upselling on a tire s h i n e, so with the same amount of time and effort, they can upsell on a membership. We ask car wash owners, ‘What would you rather sell, a $5 ticket item or a $200 ticket item?’”

– John Cassady, EverWash CEO