Introducing Our Clean Car Enemies Marketing Campaign!

We are very excited to announce our new, professionally designed Clean Car Enemies campaign. This will be an ongoing campaign featuring new Clean Car Enemies throughout the year that are seasonal and based on your geographic location. The Clean Car Enemies campaign will take the look, feel and effectiveness of your marketing and promotion to a whole new level!

Using experience-based advertising, we’ve created a series of recommended onsite, digital and traditional marketing campaigns that highlight your customer’s primary foes when it comes to car care: Birds, Mud, Falling Leaves, and Salt. 

This guide shows how you can reach customers in a more impactful way through experience-based advertising with the Clean Car Enemies Campaign for Fall & Winter 2020-21.

Onsite Marketing

We started by designing windsign inserts that promote the upcoming season’s biggest Clean Car Enemies. Our current onsite signage packages focus on the value of membership. Placing our new signage, such as a wind sign featuring a muddy dog, will reach customers on a different level. Clean Car Enemies signage interspersed on your lot will compound the effectiveness of the “value” messaging by putting the customer directly into different experiences that highlight the importance and of a clean car and the happiness it can bring. 

Do you ever run into mud on your daily commute after a rainstorm? Do you have a dog that — like all dogs — likes to roll around in the dirt and get muddy? The experiential marketing of our Clean Car Enemies signage puts forth a real-life “why” for customers, and adds context to their personal reasons for wanting and needing a car wash membership.

We suggest placing the signage out on your lot right away, and rotating through the different inserts as necessary. For example: Put out mud signage up after a large storm; leaves when the trees begin to turn; snow for when Winter rolls in. If you’re in a warmer part of the country or by the coast, you may decide to leave bird signage up longer at different times of year.

Digital Marketing

We’ve created a series of Facebook and Instagram-friendly graphics and posts to support the same Clean Car Enemies you are highlighting onsite. These social media graphics, along with our accompanying text, links and Calls To Action will help your social media feeds sync with the marketing displayed at your location.

We’ve all been there: You just washed your car, only to be victimized by a rude bird without the decency to practice civil bathroom habits. It’s times like those that you realize how much you want a car wash membership. Our Clean Car Enemy digital content connects with people, and tells the story that if you have a membership you can simply go back to the wash and renew the shine as often as you’d like. 

For washes with marketing budgets in place for digital ads, we recommend, at the very least:

  • Boosting these posts in your market to increase engagement with the ad and your brand. 
  • If you require assistance with Boosting a post or setting an audience for your social media pages, contact your EverWash Account Manager today to set up an appointment with our Marketing Team.

If you want to take your social media marketing to the next level, we can also put you in touch with our digital marketing partners to create, design and execute on a robust, targeted social media campaign at a preferred EverWash partner rate. These campaigns can draw new eyes to your page and services every day, and drive new business to your location using custom landing pages, digital coupons, and rotation display ads.

Traditional Marketing

Lastly, we’ve partnered with top Direct Mail providers in the industry to design Clean Car Enemy Postcards for use in Direct Mail marketing campaigns. Choose between a New Mover or Targetted Postcard Drop campaign, both offered to you at a preferred EverWash partner rate, and capture customers who otherwise would have never stopped at your location.

Each Direct Mail campaign features integrations with various paystations and POS systems, in addition to solutions for washes that may not have either. Washes have the flexibility to customize their initial Direct Mailer offerings, and each campaign features remarketing materials to drive a customer toward membership.

Want to Get Started?

  1. If you’d like to promote your wash and membership program using our new Clean Car Enemies Campaign, reach out to your EverWash Account Manager today. 
  2. You can choose which options apply best to your business and budget, and allow us to take care of the rest for you! 
  3. EverWash will be rolling out additional Clean Car Enemies throughout the year, and will be in touch with you when we are ready to share the next batch!