EverWash Teams Up With OptSpot to Bring Smart SMS Marketing to Wash Partners

EverWash is excited to announce a working partnership with OptSpot to help our wash partners market smarter by efficiently and effectively converting more single wash customers into members with text messaging. Best of all, the OptSpot membership boosting program is available FREE to EverWash Partners!

OptSpot’s platform allows wash operators to automate marketing efforts with text messaging that works. With intelligently delivered drip campaigns, OptSpot encourages customers to wash more often, and provides them an easy path to your membership offerings and registration.

“We are thrilled to add OptSpot’s proven smart marketing program to our already robust marketing offerings,” said Max Pulcini, EverWash’s Director of Marketing. “Being able to use this SMS program to move the needle is just one more way that EverWash helps put our wash partners in front of new customers, and in touch with their current customers better than any other membership solution in the car wash industry.”

Together with OptSpot’s marketing team, EverWash will craft an SMS campaign for your wash that brings results. By offering customers who enroll into your new “Text Club” a single free wash upon their next visit in exchange for their phone number, you unlock countless opportunities to engage with the customer and promote your membership offerings directly to them. EverWash plans to start onboarding wash partners on the platform as early as January 2021.

Offering a free wash within a few days of the customers previous visit to your site helps create a habit of washing often. After the free wash is redeemed, OptSpot triggers a set of weekly text messages geared toward membership, aimed at converting your customer into a monthly paying member. After experiencing your high quality services multiple times, the allure of an unlimited wash membership starts to sound very enticing. 

“We are very excited to be working with a very forward thinking, innovative company such as EverWash,” says Levi McClendon, Founder of OptSpot. “As the market continues to change and evolve into a more ‘touchless’ and ‘automated’ space, it’s important to change with it.”

He adds, “By working together we will make converting retail customers to members much easier. SMS works! 98 percent of texts are read, so what better way to build a database by exchanging a FREE wash for a mobile phone number to easily reconnect your message with your customer? It really is a perfect fit and with over 500 current OptSpot car wash customers across the country we have learned, and continue to learn, what it takes to move the Unlimited Membership needle through our ‘Smart Marketing SMS’ approach.”

To help get you started, EverWash will design and order the signage package you’ll need to promote the OptSpot program at your location. We can also discuss options to promote the Text Club on social media, in print, or at other brick and mortar locations around town. The program also works for washes with multiple locations. 

If you’re an EverWash partner, email max@everwash.com to discuss launching OptSpot at your location. If you are not currently an EverWash Partner, click the link below to visit our website and start a conversation with our team.