EverWash Mobile App Now Offers Contactless Operation With In-Bay Automatic Car Wash DRB Unitec® Pay Stations

The EverWash mobile app now provides seamless operation with Unitec® brand pay stations at In-Bay Automatic car washes across the U.S. 

The EverWash mobile app integration with  DRB In-Bay Solutions simplifies the car wash experience for consumers, adds value in EverWash partner washes’ membership programs among wash customers, and simplifies wash operations for those washes partnered with both companies. 


“EverWash prides itself on being a true partner to the wash operators who work with us to grow and manage their membership programs,” says Scott Pashley, EverWash’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Our DRB Certified Interface allows us to provide even more efficient and effective membership sales and revenue growth for the thousands of operators who trust the Unitec brand of industry-leading equipment at their locations.”

EverWash could previously communicate with Unitec pay stations through use of supplementary hardware. The Certified Interface ensures a straightforward EverWash implementation and an effortless membership experience for wash customers. 

The EverWash-Unitec integration is especially beneficial for operators of In-Bay Automatic washes and convenience stores with limited wash staffing. EverWash’s ability to market and cross-promote the program across an operator’s entire site is proven to increase wash revenues faster than traditionally run and internally managed unlimited wash clubs.

To see for yourself how the EverWash-Unitec integration can benefit your wash, contact us at sales@everwash.com. Or, call us at (855) 492-7477 for immediate attention. For more information, visit MoreWashProfits.com/HappyWashing.