EverWash and omniX Labs Partner To Launch New Data Capture and Fraud Prevention Product

Tech companies combine forces to provide car washes an unobtrusive way to address membership fraud and gain unprecedented visibility into key operational metrics

Philadelphia — EverWash, the car wash industry’s leader in membership sales and subscription management, has partnered with MIT startup omniX Labs to launch an exciting new product for the car wash industry called WashX.

WashX uses existing security cameras to capture and report customer data that gives car wash operators an in- depth look at customer behavior, relieves concerns about fraud, and provides the insight necessary to get the most of repeat customers. EverWash believes this product can help take license plate technology in the car wash industry to next level.


“When we were approached by omniX Labs to collaborate, we were excited about the possibilities,” said EverWash Chief Revenue Officer Scott Pashley. “With WashX, we are able to provide a new level of customer insight that will allow wash operators to run their businesses more smartly and efficiently. We look forward to continuing to innovate in the industry by introducing this intelligent and innovative product to the market.”

WashX is something entirely new in the car wash industry, empowering operators to understand and leverage customer data like never before. Powered by omniX Labs, this promises to enhance membership sales, operational efficiencies and all but eliminate fraud. WashX’s advanced data analytics also provide visibility into other key operational metrics wash operators never had access to before, such as unique customer revisits, curb-to- curb duration, revenue per labor hour and profit center usage. 

“EverWash is an ideal partner for us because of the credibility and robust relationships they have with hundreds of car wash operators,” said Anoop Kanthan, CTO & Co-founder of omniX Labs. “From providing intelligent sets of eyes to unmanned car washes to helping optimize staffing for full-service locations, WashX will change the way car washes operate through technology.” 

WashX is now available for car washes in the United States.

About EverWash

EverWash is the industry’s fastest growing car wash network, with more than 350 participatinglocations across the country. EverWash’s team of membership experts provide ongoing sales, marketing and customer support to partner washes, while the EverWash App gives customers the ability to sign-up for and manage their membership anytime and anywhere. Learn more by visiting EverWash.com or MoreWashProfits.com.

About omniX Labs

omniX is an MIT startup solving analytics for the physical world. Using their machine learning and computer vision platform, omniX provides businesses with increased visibility, analytics, and predictive insights by using existing security cameras. Learn more by visiting omnixlabs.com.