A Great Partner Invests in Your Business, and EverWash Does Just That

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My name is Pat Marron, and I am the operator of Riverhead Auto Wash in Long Island, NY. We’ve been an EverWash partner since 2018, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve been delighted with EverWash for the past three years — and I’ll tell anybody that. 

I’m not what you’d call a traditional car wash guy, this wasn’t a family business I inherited. In fact I got into car washing just to do something different following 33 years working in Corporate America.

At first, everything was new to me. I acquired my car wash without knowing a heck of a lot about how to run a wash, let alone understanding the ingredients necessary for success. At one point, a long-time industry veteran clued me in on the need to have a membership program, something I hadn’t put any thought into previously. 

I quickly learned that I could either invest $20,000 in a pay station to facilitate membership sales and manage everything on my own, or I could start selling memberships immediately with no upfront investment with EverWash. Better yet, EverWash would manage the memberships, billing, communications, and payment processing, leaving me and staff to focus on providing excellent service.

I signed up with EverWash, and was impressed right away. Their onboarding process was amazing. Their team put in time with me and my staff, even sending a team here for a weekend of in-person training and sales. The EverWash team helped land me more than 100 new members in two days, and set us up for success in the weeks and months that followed. It truly was a wonderful relationship from day one.

But the relationship didn’t end after a good weekend of sales. After a few years on the program, my staff and I started getting a bit complacent. We had hundreds of members, and tens of thousands of dollars in new, recurring revenue through the membership program, but we stopped selling hard. As a result, our membership numbers plateaued hard.

That’s when EverWash truly exhibited how much of a partner they are. Thanks to their commission-based model, EverWash only succeeds when you, the car wash operator, succeed. When they noticed my numbers leveling off, they reached out to me to see how they could help kick start my sales again. 

Richard DeGennero drove up from EverWash HQ, and hosted a refresher training session with my team. His strategies and expertise provided the spark we needed, and in the 30 days since he’s visited, we’ve grown our membership by 160. A great partner is one that invests in you and your business, and EverWash does just that. 

They also shine in smaller ways that come up day-in, day-out. For example, on a busy day I might have five or six members visiting. If one of them has any issues accessing their membership, or has a membership related question, I simply call the EverWash Call Center and get the problem addressed and fixed right on the spot. 

Overall, EverWash not only gets membership, they understand partnership. If it weren’t for their expertise in running a monthly program at my wash, and the support they provide to my members and staff, I’m not sure I’d still be in the car washing business today.